In cooperation with the Bulgarian institute SCAS and several other European partners (Alinari from Italy, the Karl-Franzens-Universität from Austria, the European Research Centre for Book and Paper Conservation-Restoration in Austria and the Central Library of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences) a grant is given to realise  a project (BBinding)  which develops course material for the vocational training in the field of preservation of books and paper, photos and archives; this all in the framework of the LLP Project (LeonardoDaVinci-Transfer Of Innovation).

Jo Linssen

After spending many years in education and training work Jo Linssen switched careers: bookbinding became his new passion. Because of the handbookbinding he did he gained great intrest in historical bindings and techniques; and also the wish to get involved in book restoration. From 1992 onwards he focussed on this and this made him a very experienced restorer with a vast insight  in restoration techniques.

Jo is also involved in the publishing house Huis Clos. "Making" books in every thinkable way... 

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