In cooperation with the Bulgarian institute SCAS and several other European partners (Alinari from Italy, the Karl-Franzens-Universität from Austria, the European Research Centre for Book and Paper Conservation-Restoration in Austria and the Central Library of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences) a grant is given to realise  a project (BBinding)  which develops course material for the vocational training in the field of preservation of books and paper, photos and archives; this all in the framework of the LLP Project (LeonardoDaVinci-Transfer Of Innovation).


For the "Instituut Collectie Nederland" (now incorporated in the University of Amsterdam (UvA)) Cor Knops has developed 2 teaching/practical modules. 

Module Restoration Cloth Bindings

For this module teaching material was developed specifically aimed at the restoration of 19th century cloth bindings. Because of the typical characteristics of the used material in this kind of bindings (often acid papers and pasteboards as wel as damage because of use) very specific knowledge is needed. This goes for used materials as well as for the many different kinds of bindings and sewing techniques. Part of this modul;e was also assessment of the damage, making object- and condition descriptions, considering restoratiion ethics, choice of materials en methods and reporting.

The module was offered in a practical setting: all students were handed 3 objects (i.c. cloth bindings) that had to be treated indivually. On various occasions this process was intervened to explain problems or to clarify matters.

Module Making Fastenings

This module was developed te learn students to make brass fastenings. Next to photomaterial and other teaching material the module was offered as a 3-day practical workshop which comprised the whole process (from designing to applying the final patina).

For the Jan van Eyck Academy Cor Knops developed the module "Making Books".

Module Making Books

This module was developed for the Jan van Eyck Academy (post academic art education) in Maastricht, Netherlands. It's aim was to provide a basis for the unexperienced students to get started with thinking about books and book concepts.

A few basic techniques are presented (like pamphlet stitch etc.) to introduce the students to the possibilities of making books themselves. 

A historical timeline was presented to create awareness about books and again, book concepts. Also a range of extraordinary books and bindings were presented.

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